Rise Above Circumstance

Children of God rise above circumstance. So if a particular circumstance keeps you down then you have to ask yourself, is there something in me? Your circumstance is not the cause of your failure. It is because you have believed the lie that you cannot rise above your circumstance that keeps you bound. I speak truth over you now. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Afflictions of the rightous are many but the Lord deliver them out of them all.
You are an OVERCOMER! Rise above your circumstance child of God! Keep your eyes on Christ. Let God exalt you in due season. Circumstance can not keep you bound!

Season of Change

Change is penetrating the atmosphere. Many times we pray for change, preach about change and pray for revival. But when that Change comes we often resist or reject it because it doesn’t play out the way we imagined. And so we say the change is the enemy and fight against it. Stay prayerful and be careful not to reject Change simply because it isn’t what you thought it would be and because it is uncomfortable. His thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are higher than our ways. Change is not always comfortable at first.

A Love Affair

Inside I doubt he can love me. Because of my wrongs, because I have hurt him, I doubt he still loves me. As I stand before him I dare not look into his eyes because of my shame. I look into his eyes for a short moment and all I see is grace. That gaze of a loving father and yet that of a husband. Oh the love I see in his tearful eyes. That intense loving gaze. Tears because I have broken his heart. Tears because he wants me to know how much he loves me but I don’t understand. Tears because all he wants to do is be close to me but I push him away because inside I doubt he could love me.
Tears because he sees my pain and all he wants to do is hold me. With such a longing in his heart to embrace me that his heart feels as though it is being torn out because I reject his love. And yet he still loves me.
My pain, my shame. My shame from doing this love wrong causes me to hide my face, to run, because I fear I will never be good enough. My heart feels as though it is being ripped out because I am running from the one I love. Not understanding his love for me I run and hide.
He waits for me patiently to come back into his arms while I am out with another. He waits for me, he is faithful to me; yet I am not faithful to him. O the shame! I doubt he still loves me.
After running in shame and running into the arms of many different lovers trying to forget the one I truly love, I finally begin to wear down. These other lovers have used me. None of them have treated me the way he did. They do not compare to the one I truly love. I am now completely broken.
Broken and torn I come back to him. I stand in his presence expecting his wrath, expecting rejection. After all, I hurt him, I left him and found other lovers. As I lift my head and look into his eyes I hold my breath. He stares back at me with passion looking me intently in the eye. Because of the guilt I bear, I feel as though I can’t look him in the eyes too long lest I crumble. But then, I am already broken beyond repair. With nothing to lose I hold his gaze.
To my surprise tears fall from his face. I see no anger in his eyes, only love. A love like I never seen before radiates like heat from his eyes. The fire of love rages within him as I see the flame dance in his eyes. His loving gaze begins to melt my heart as I continue to look into his eyes. His gaze penetrates me to the core. Looking into his eyes I see myself almost as though looking through a mirror. For the first time I truly see myself, I see myself how he sees me. I see beauty. I see a masterpiece. I see that I am his love, the apple of his eye. I see myself as a priceless gym and more. I break as I see myself in a true light, in his light, through his eyes. I feel the purest of love from him, it is bliss. All of the pain melts away as love permeates my innermost being.
Just when I think this feeling of pure love could not get any stronger he reaches out to pull me in. He wraps me in his arms. I am in heaven. I am free. He still loves me. The weight of his love, the weight of his glory. It feels as though it is crushing me. I found heaven. It is in the arms of my Savior, and in the heart of my Father. Forever I am his.

Find Something Real

When we get real we will find something real. When we stop pretending and playing church we will be the church. When we stop worshiping idols we will find the real God. When we let go of man made religion we will find freedom in the Lord. When we take focus off of self and put it on God we will find fire! When we turn to the Lord we will not need to pretend because we will be, just as he is I AM.

Through the pain

Have to share this with you church!
Many days I awake with pain, dealing with moodswings, irratibility, headaches, and more as a result to the head trauma I faced a couple years ago. For some time I was in denial that I even suffered these things. It has gotten so much better since it all happened. At first I couldn’t even form a sentence without fighting through confusion of how to form the sentence. God has brought me a long way. But after a while of dealing with the aftermath I began to get upset with it and bitter. It was hard enough having to fight through the mood swings taking it to the Lord and going on any way but the pain made it harder. I didn’t go through it everyday but had bouts of it lasting for sometimes a week then it would subside for some time, each time coming less frequently. I got to where I’d wake up on day two of this pain bitter and mad that I had to keep dealing with it. I was like will this ever change. But this morning was different. This morning I woke on dayfour of pain. I opened my eyes and didn’t even want to get out of bed. I began talking to the Lord. As I spoke with the Lord the denial slipped away. I finally realized and accepted that all these things were due to the past trauma. As soon as this realization hit I remembered back. My skull had been fractured at the base In two places and my brain was bleeding. The blow to my head busted both eardrums which saved my life by allowing the bleeding from my brain to trickle out instead of build up. This morning instead of feeling bitterness that I felt bad, an overwhelming sense of thankfulness came over me and all I could do was weep. I am alive! I’m not just alive I am blessed! For the most part I live a normal life. I work, excersise, I’m a mother, a writer, and I live for the Lord. I have no business being alive much less accomplishing these things. But because all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me I overcome. This is not just scripture, its my life and anyone else’s life who believes! Even through these trials I am a conqueror. What God is doing for me he will do for you. I did not deserve his grace but I received it and you can too. The doctors said I should have memory loss maybe indefinant. They said I had some brain damage and may never be the same. Well since then I never have been the same, but it’s not because of brain damage, it’s because I was reborn shortly after that. God started a rapid healing in me the day I was reborn and still sees it through. I am Better and Better everyday. I can preach the word of God with no difficulty remembering or constructing sentences. I have written two books and working on more for the Lord. I’m in great shape. But I don’t do all these things because I am so good or talented. I can do these things because God made it so. He gifts me, he strengthened me, he healed me. While I acknowledge these symptoms of aftermath of head trauma I do not receive that it will last forever. God Is healing me more and more everyday. I look at where he has brought me from and can’t help but weep in joy. I’m better than alive, I’m reborn!

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

My favorite story in the Bible is that of the tax collector and the Pharisee. They both went to pray. The Pharisee prays, “Thank you Lord that i am not like those sinners, robbers, evil doesrs, adulterers, or even like this tax collector.” The tax collector goes to pray and can’t even look to heaven because he knows and recognizes his deeds. He prays for forgiveness and knows he is not worthy. The Bible says the tax collector went home justified rather than the Pharisee. Why? The Pharisee was self righteous thinking he was without SIN. He didn’t need a savior.
The tax collector knew and confessed his doings and knew he needed a savior who is the Lord. He knew he was not worthy and didn’t pretend to be. He asked for Grace. We are saved by Grace. Jesus died for it. If you are not like the sinner then why do you need a savior? It is funny how we constantly try to be “good enough” When we never feel good enough that is called condemnation and that is from the devil. If we feel we are good enough on our own merit its pride. When we know that we can’t be good enough by our own merit and that only the blood of the lamb and Grace puts us in right standing with God then we are saved.
We are redeemed. Made righteous by the blood of the lamb. Forgiven. Made worthy by God not how good we do. Like the tax collector we go home justified. Confess to one another that you may be healed. He has been overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony. We are saved by Grace. Salvation is a gift and is found in Jesus

Important Steps to Healing

An important step to healing is forgiveness. Things we have been through, things others have done to us, and even things we have done our selves, wound us and can fester over time creating a deep root manifesting in all types of ways such as anxiety, addiction, fear, and depression, even physical illness. Many times we don’t even know what the root is that is causing all our rotten fruit.
But when you ask, God will reveal that root. The most important thing to do once this root is revealed is to forgive. The Bible says forgive so that you may be forgiven. The Bible also says confess to one another so that you may be healed. It helps to talk about it to a brother or sister in Christ. Get it out. Take all the pain and give it to the Lord. Tell him how you feel. Forgive whoever hurt you, including yourself. Once you have forgiven you have opened the door for the Lord to heal you. He will never leave or forsake you.
As you go through this process he will walk through it with you and comfort and guide you speaking healing words to your inner being healing you and setting you free. Yes God delivers us in a second at times. But usually in this instance it is a continual process.
Healing is a process. God wants his body healed and whole. Stick to the process and get healed. You are no longer a victim. In Christ you are a victor! Let the Lord heal those roots and see how the fruit in your life will change.
When I first got delivered from twelve years of drug use I was on multiple medications for anxiety and depression. I couldn’t even talk in front of a group of people with out stuttering and having an anxiety attack due to the condition I was in when I came off drugs. I thought I would be on medication the rest of my life. I kept seeking the Lord and did therapy. I soon learned that most of my drug use and depression was the fruit of past experiences of my child hood. I did not see this all at once but over time the Lord brought certain incidents to my memory. I asked him to reveal the root of the addiction first. He brought to my mind many painful memories that I had buried deep inside. I was holding a lot of unforgiveness.
As I continued seeking God it was revealed to me that the anxiety, fear and addiction was the result of sexual abuse among other things. In prayer the Lord spoke to me and had me forgive those who had hurt me and forgive myself for those things I had done. Each time the Lord pulled off the band aid I would cry uncontrollably. It was like I could feel the rip of the band aid and as I cried I could feel the blood flowing from the wound. But he walked through it with me and I was able to forgive and to get healing.Once the wound was finished bleeding out the infection the love of God was poured into me and I could feel his healing touch. He dressed up my wound for a complete healing.
I learned to trust the Lord more and more. In time I started coming off of all those medications I had been put on for anxiety and depression. Each time the Lord revealed a piece of me that needed healing I would allow him to tear off the band aid and heal the wound. Each time I went through this process I was able to lower my dose in medication. After about two years the Lord had cleaned me up to where I no longer needed medication at all. I was healed. It took time but the roots were dug up and the fruit in my life was changing. I still go through this process and still change daily.

Let God do a work in you. Seek him.
(I am not saying to come off of medication without a doctors care)

Escaping Deception

The problem with deception is that the one deceived doesn’t know it. If they did then they wouldn’t be deceived. The word is truth and exposes darkness and lies. But what if the one deceived rejects the truth? Is it because they did not hear the truth? Or did they not believe the truth?
The problem with deception is that even the truth sounds like a lie to the one deceived. Yet somewhere in them they know the truth. And so the truth will remain in them until a time when they are ready to receive. Unfortunately when one is deceived more times than not they have to be given over to the Lord. Even though they weren’t able to receive the truth at that time do not give up praying for them. They will eventually be left to their own demise by self destruction until they are broken enough to see the error of their ways. Broken to the point to where their eyes search for the light in their dark place.
Finally, when they call on the Lord their eyes will be opened and they will see truth for what it is and the deception and lies will be exposed and revealed to them. It is through much suffering that their eyes will be opened. Suffering that they only brought on themself. Then it is their choice if they continue down that destructive path after knowing and understanding that they have been deceived. Even still many will refuse to call on the Lord while in their darkness.
He is the way the truth and the life. He is the light of the world. If he has opened your eyes do not walk back into the same darkness you been delivered from by repeating old patterns. I promise you your next go round will be seven times worse than before.
If your eyes have not yet been opened then it is possible that you have been deceived. Of course you will not know it if you are in fact deceived. But in your darkest hour you will remember what you are now reading, truth. The truth will be in you. And when you are ready to come out of the darkness you will remember the truth you once read: Jesus is the way. He will be your light in your dark place. When you remember this truth call on the name of Jesus from out of the darkness. He will answer you