Escaping Deception

The problem with deception is that the one deceived doesn’t know it. If they did then they wouldn’t be deceived. The word is truth and exposes darkness and lies. But what if the one deceived rejects the truth? Is it because they did not hear the truth? Or did they not believe the truth?
The problem with deception is that even the truth sounds like a lie to the one deceived. Yet somewhere in them they know the truth. And so the truth will remain in them until a time when they are ready to receive. Unfortunately when one is deceived more times than not they have to be given over to the Lord. Even though they weren’t able to receive the truth at that time do not give up praying for them. They will eventually be left to their own demise by self destruction until they are broken enough to see the error of their ways. Broken to the point to where their eyes search for the light in their dark place.
Finally, when they call on the Lord their eyes will be opened and they will see truth for what it is and the deception and lies will be exposed and revealed to them. It is through much suffering that their eyes will be opened. Suffering that they only brought on themself. Then it is their choice if they continue down that destructive path after knowing and understanding that they have been deceived. Even still many will refuse to call on the Lord while in their darkness.
He is the way the truth and the life. He is the light of the world. If he has opened your eyes do not walk back into the same darkness you been delivered from by repeating old patterns. I promise you your next go round will be seven times worse than before.
If your eyes have not yet been opened then it is possible that you have been deceived. Of course you will not know it if you are in fact deceived. But in your darkest hour you will remember what you are now reading, truth. The truth will be in you. And when you are ready to come out of the darkness you will remember the truth you once read: Jesus is the way. He will be your light in your dark place. When you remember this truth call on the name of Jesus from out of the darkness. He will answer you

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