Important Steps to Healing

An important step to healing is forgiveness. Things we have been through, things others have done to us, and even things we have done our selves, wound us and can fester over time creating a deep root manifesting in all types of ways such as anxiety, addiction, fear, and depression, even physical illness. Many times we don’t even know what the root is that is causing all our rotten fruit.
But when you ask, God will reveal that root. The most important thing to do once this root is revealed is to forgive. The Bible says forgive so that you may be forgiven. The Bible also says confess to one another so that you may be healed. It helps to talk about it to a brother or sister in Christ. Get it out. Take all the pain and give it to the Lord. Tell him how you feel. Forgive whoever hurt you, including yourself. Once you have forgiven you have opened the door for the Lord to heal you. He will never leave or forsake you.
As you go through this process he will walk through it with you and comfort and guide you speaking healing words to your inner being healing you and setting you free. Yes God delivers us in a second at times. But usually in this instance it is a continual process.
Healing is a process. God wants his body healed and whole. Stick to the process and get healed. You are no longer a victim. In Christ you are a victor! Let the Lord heal those roots and see how the fruit in your life will change.
When I first got delivered from twelve years of drug use I was on multiple medications for anxiety and depression. I couldn’t even talk in front of a group of people with out stuttering and having an anxiety attack due to the condition I was in when I came off drugs. I thought I would be on medication the rest of my life. I kept seeking the Lord and did therapy. I soon learned that most of my drug use and depression was the fruit of past experiences of my child hood. I did not see this all at once but over time the Lord brought certain incidents to my memory. I asked him to reveal the root of the addiction first. He brought to my mind many painful memories that I had buried deep inside. I was holding a lot of unforgiveness.
As I continued seeking God it was revealed to me that the anxiety, fear and addiction was the result of sexual abuse among other things. In prayer the Lord spoke to me and had me forgive those who had hurt me and forgive myself for those things I had done. Each time the Lord pulled off the band aid I would cry uncontrollably. It was like I could feel the rip of the band aid and as I cried I could feel the blood flowing from the wound. But he walked through it with me and I was able to forgive and to get healing.Once the wound was finished bleeding out the infection the love of God was poured into me and I could feel his healing touch. He dressed up my wound for a complete healing.
I learned to trust the Lord more and more. In time I started coming off of all those medications I had been put on for anxiety and depression. Each time the Lord revealed a piece of me that needed healing I would allow him to tear off the band aid and heal the wound. Each time I went through this process I was able to lower my dose in medication. After about two years the Lord had cleaned me up to where I no longer needed medication at all. I was healed. It took time but the roots were dug up and the fruit in my life was changing. I still go through this process and still change daily.

Let God do a work in you. Seek him.
(I am not saying to come off of medication without a doctors care)

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