About the Author


“What men accomplish or make will not and does not last. What God does and accomplishes lasts forever.”

— Christina Humphreys

Throughout high school Christina seemed to be walking the right path, making good grades and
running track and cross country. She rarely got into trouble and it looked like her life would turn out all
right after all.
After attending one and half years of college at ETSU for nursing, Christina dropped out of
school. That was when her life took a turn for the worst. Little by little she worked her way into
addiction. Doing any drug she came in contact with, Christina’s life was soon out of control.
During her twelve years of addiction Christina had three children, but sunk even deeper into
drugs. Her life was unmanageable. Along the way she dealt with depression, among many other things.
Not being able to get off drugs, she had given up on life.
After several attempts of suicide and a lot of going in and out of jail, Christina decided to
straighten up. After trying several times to quit drugs and failing, she was tired of hurting her family. She
thought that if all she did was cause her family pain, and because she couldn’t get anything right, then it
would be best if she just ended it all. Then she would never cause her family pain again.
Needless to say, Christina woke up in ICU after diving out of a moving vehicle, mad at herself
and God that she couldn’t even manage to die. She couldn’t understand why she had to continue living a
life of hell, causing everyone near to her trouble and pain.
After Christina got out of ICU she began going to an Intensive outpatient clinic for drug abuse.
She was determined to stay off drugs and turn her life around. She went to her IOP class every day of
the week and was fully determined to get it right this time; but pressures of the world soon crept back in.
While trying to stay sober, Christina relied on her own strength to overcome. She did not realize
that this was beyond her control and that the only way out was to seek God, to completely surrender
and turn to him.
It wasn’t long before relapse hit. And this time she started off worse than ever. The relapse only
lasted for a couple weeks. Christina knew she needed help and was getting desperate. A friend of hers told her that her
mother used to write out her prayers and put it in her bible and then they were answered. Desperate
for help, Christina tried it.
After writing her letter to God, it wasn’t two days later and Christina’s dad was picking her up off
the floor where she had passed out, telling her that she was getting help and wasn’t coming back home
until she did. Her dad took her to the Outpatient clinic that she had been attending and marched her in there
demanding help for his daughter.
Christina ended up going to an eighteen month discipleship program for addicts. Not really
realizing that it was God who brought her to the rehab, she later found that prayer that she had written
to God and put in her bible. This was the beginning of a new life.
While in the program, Christina was going to court in four different courts and facing over
thirteen years of prison time. Her lawyers told her there was no hope. They told her that she shouldn’t
be at the program because she was going to do a substantial amount of time in prison.
Christina decided to stick with the program even against the odds. If God couldn’t change her
life then nothing could. She was at the end of her rope and her only hope was God. She figured that if
God really existed then she had to find out. If not, then she didn’t want to keep living. God was her only
During her stay at the rehab, Christina met this God, the same God that she hadn’t been sure
even existed. She witnessed many miracles and the power of God in her own life. Many great things and
many trying times took place in the time that she was away from home.


After being in the program for some time Christina had grown in her relationship with the Lord
and came to know him as Jesus Christ, her savior. She got to where she could talk to him for hours, and
even listened as he talked back. Her life was changing rapidly right before her eyes. God was changing
Christina from the inside out.
One day while out for a run, Christina heard the voice of the Lord. The Lord said, “Christina, I
have made you a writer. Write Christina!” She was so overwhelmed that she could only cry as she ran.
Not knowing what to write, she prayed to the Lord.
Soon it was understood what Christina would write, and this would only be the first of many
books. She would write her life story and her testimony. When the Lord called her to write a book about
her life he told her that she would have to be brutally honest, not hiding or downplaying anything.
Christina had to be completely transparent, not leaving anything out or adding anything, even
her own sin. The Lord told her that the things she dreaded writing the most would be the very things
that he would use to deliver others and that multitudes would come to Christ because of her testimony.
Then the Lord brought this verse to Christina’s mind, “For he has been overcome by the blood of
the lamb and the word of their testimony.” That verse became the slogan and the purpose for
Christina’s book.
When she had first come to rehab she didn’t even remember what year it was. When the
receptionist told her the year, she could only cry. Christina was missing three years of her life. Whether
her memory loss was because of the drugs or because of the head trauma from attempting suicide is
unknown. But God!
When Christina sat down to write her book about her life, she realized that she couldn’t
remember much of it; and the parts of her life that she did remember, she couldn’t put in order. So she
did the only thing she could do, she prayed.
While writing the book, Christina had to continually take time out to pray and seek God. As she
prayed the Holy Spirit would reveal memories to her of her life that she had long forgotten. While
writing and praying, the Lord not only brought events of her life to remembrance, but he also ministered
healing to her through writing her book.
As Christina relived her life, this time with the Lord by her side, she received healing for trauma
that had been buried deep in her past. As she was being delivered, she wrote the healing words that the
Lord spoke to her concerning those circumstances. And so the reader would experience the voice of the
Lord in reading about Christina’s trials and would receive healing themselves.
Finally, when she had hand written everything in her life up until that point, she was at a loss for
what to do next. But the Lord told her to write as she lived it and to write the lessons learned so that
others could see. The Lord told Christina the miracles that he would do in her life would be written
down for everyone to read, bringing hope to all.
Christina was finally released to go home after fourteen months in rehab. She came home a new
person, a new creation in Christ Jesus. She knew it was time to publish her book and kept hearing new
season over and over in her spirit. It was time.
Once Christina got home she got busy right away typing up her story and editing what she could.
She knew very little about writing a book and nothing about getting one published, so she did the only
thing she could do, she prayed.
In seeking the Lord, he revealed to Christina what the name of the book should be and how it
would look. He showed her that this book was to attract those who needed to be delivered and those
living in the world.
Then it was time to publish. Christina had absolutely no money and didn’t know how it would
work but she knew to trust God. Out of the blue one day she heard the name, Tate Publishing, as she
was praying.
She sent her manuscript in to Tate Publishing not knowing how this would work since she had
no money. Every other publisher she had checked was wanting anywhere from two thousand to four
thousand dollars to publish.
Tate publishing Called Christina and told her that they did want to publish her book and that the
cost would be two thousand dollars. She was honest and upfront with them and simply told them that
she had no money but that she knew the Lord had called her to publish this book.
A couple days later Tate Publishing called Christina back and told her that they wanted to help
and that they would publish the book for one thousand dollars. Compared to the three or four thousand
dollars everyone else was charging, this was a miracle in itself! Christina of course did not have five
dollars much less one thousand. And so she did the only thing she could do, she prayed to the Lord.
Christina’s mother came to her with an idea to raise money to publish the book. She and her
mother set up a fundraiser online through face book where people could donate money for the cause. A
couple days after posting the fundraiser on face book, Tate publishing called back. The publishing
company was offering an even better deal. They would publish the book for seven hundred dollars. This
was God!
Before long the money was raised and the book began the process of publishing. During the
waiting season for the book to release, Christina continued writing as the Lord directed.
Christina’s first book, SIN, will be released July 14 th 2016. It is available right now on Tate
Publishing’s website. Just type the authors name in, Christina Humphreys. The book is also available
through the author. Christina is currently scheduling events for book signings and for public speaking. All
I can say is, watch God! For his glory!