Divine Destiny

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Your Destiny Awaits…


This is a limited edition with only 100 copies with this cover artwork.
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It’s an ordinary day for three ordinary children who set out on a make believe adventure through the forest. What the children think is a game soon becomes a reality as they are thrust into a destiny they don’t even know they have. When unbelievable responsibilities and tasks are placed on them, the children begin to doubt the reality of it all.
Could these three truly be the three told about in the ancient prophecies of long ago? They sure don’t think so. While all of creation hangs on by a thread it is up to these three ordinary, yet not so ordinary children to fulfill a destiny that they weren’t aware existed until now.
Can they pull it off? Will they be the three to bring in the new day? Will things finally be made new? Come on a journey with these children as they learn who they are and what their destiny is. Who knows, maybe you will find out who you are and realize that you have a destiny of your own to fulfill.
Heirs of an ancient kingdom of long ago; once forgotten but still not gone. It remains hidden until the heirs come home. The mountains will shake, the earth will quake. It is then that the time has come.
Once blinded but now you see. Ask, what is your destiny? Ancient heirs of the first kingdom that ever was. Warriors of light battling in the night. You have a key, you are the sons, chosen together to be one. When together as one you’re key will unlock the gates to home. Others are waiting. It will be made known, sons and daughters
of the throne.
Held as slaves as though the night has won; but the time is now, the day has come. Free the slaves, gather the army. Long awaited but the time has come for the sons and daughters to become one. Awake and arise those lulled asleep by the night. The time has come to receive your birth right. The light will guide you on your way and you will be prepared for that day.

My most recent book, Divine Destiny, is a fantasy/ Adventure novel. Divine Destiny is the first of two volumes. This exciting adventure plays out in the most fascinating ways imaginable.
Throughout the book I have written footnotes that refer to scripture as this story will serve to engage young and seasoned readers alike while teaching the Word of God. This is an exciting way for readers to enjoy a new adventure while learning the word of God. This book began with a dream.
I wrote the book as a key to unlock the imagination of the reader to understand the spiritual reality of our world as Jesus parables reveal. While taking a daring adventure with these children it is probable that you will discover a destiny of your own hidden in Christ. This will prove to be a great witnessing tool and a tool for spiritual growth. Begin walking in your destiny today! Here is a key.