An Autobiography By Christina Humphreys

No one ever wants to talk about incest, adultery, prostitution, addiction, or homosexuality. God forgives all sins. I am a living testimony to that. In this book, I have told my deepest secrets to let you all know you are not alone. It is time to stop playing and putting on church clothes to pretend we are someone we’re not. We must use what we have been through to help lead people to God and to give them hope.
If we hide or downplay the very things we have been through, then the things God saved us from are hidden. If we have to go through hell and survive, shouldn’t we want it to be worth something? It is for God’s glory! In this book, I share real issues and raw and uncut truth from my life.
I share my story for the Lord’s glory and purpose. Even though some people may be taken aback with the ugly truth and magnitude of sin, I did not leave anything out. If you think you have sinned too much and God will never accept you, then I urge you to read this and see just how sinful and wicked my life was. You will see where life carried me and where God picked me up from.

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